Ted here (aka guildmaster)

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Ted here (aka guildmaster)

Post by Iseeu2 on Thu Jul 02, 2015 4:17 pm

i know you all know my name by now, if not u are blind...... cut to the point Ted, sure sure.

Well i´m 19 years old and live in Sweden, kinda small villiage called Halmstad, i´m born and rised there. Went to school outside my confortzone. So that's why i kinda were inactive the years i played C9. Well now i´m graduated in "guiding" when u all hear that word you guys thinking about a guide ranting about some boring artifact 1 billion years ago.

Well that's not me "Survivalist guide of a  sort" So danm hard to describ i tried for 3 years and haven´t yet figured out something, Well we use the nature to our advantage, but it´s more casual than "survival"

Enough ranting about that.

My goals:
*Be in the top 10th place in EU. (CHECK)
*Hosting more events.
*Inviting more players/grow more.
*The best community in EU.
*Officer meetings.
*Be better at leading.
* and much more....

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