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Event Suggestion / Discussions HERE!

Post by DiktatorKaiUwe (Kilian) on Fri Jul 03, 2015 1:22 am

If you have any suggestion for new  events or ideas how to improve existing events post them here!

Common Events so far :
Hide&Seek (H&S)
Event Description/Rules (Click me!):
1 player hides in a town ( usualy waterford) the other players have to find him and sit next to him (type /sit to sit down)the player hiding will announce the winner.
Event Description/Rules (Click me!):
This is an event thats localized in the PvP deathmatch arean "Hall of Champions(Max 8 players / min lvl 20). The prey (You!) will be in a restricted zone (BLACK Zone) and have to dodge everything the "Hunters"(usualy Ranger) throw at you(Hunters are positioned on the RED Zone). If you get shot you have to leave the area and stand by for the next round(GREEN Zone). There will be 3 rounds, the winners of each round (you can not win twice) compete in the final for 3rd 2nd and first place. You are not allowed to use Guard / Crouch / Demonisher Q and Hide. Aerial skills are allowed as long as you land in the zone. You are not allowed to attack the "Hunters" if you do you are disqualified. If you leave the restricted area befor getting shot you are disqualified aswell. The "Hunters" are not allowed to use Divine Multi Shot, Arrow Shower and Reply shot I&II on Lightning and multi shot.
GP Farm
Event Description/Rules(Click me!):
GP = Guild Points. In this even the first person to farm 10k GP ( number may differ) in GP Bags has to pm the holder of the event (usually Ted /Iseeu2) he then will count your current GP and then you open your bags on his Ok. If you reached 10k GP with the GP bags you win if not you failed. You get the GP bag if you do dungeons  together with atleast 1 Guild member ( not every dungeon gives you GP bags, dungeon difficult doesnt matter [beside hell, hell doesnt give GP bags]). The fastest dungeons to farm GP bags are Burning Central Plains (Vimpeli min lvl 25) and Goblin Altar (Waterford min lvl 2).!!IMPORTANT!! the dungeon end GP will NOT be counted, only the GP you get from opening the bags! Note: when you open the bag you recive an item which gives you a certain amount of GP (it says the amount in the item name ) you open the bags to see how much GP the item will give you, but you dont use the item, you wait until your collected items are worth the GP amount aimed for (10k in this case).
PS: The Dungeon end GP wil not be counted to ensure fairness because high lvl player get much more dungeon end GP than low lvl players
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