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When i joined the guild back in 2013 it was all different from now. A friend of mine called Marjan owned the guild and he were the best guildmaster i ever met. The brothers Talha & Muco the were close friends to marjan and they were officers at this time. The first i wrote to Marjan before i joined were "I´m an old officer from Epic and if i join i want to become officer" looking back at it now, if someone told me that when they joined, i wouldn´t really listen to them. But he did and we started to become close friends. GP farmed for days at on point we did farm 1 000 GP bags and spammed them all at once (i´ll link the video) why we did this? You maybe find it unreall or unatruall.

Well we had always one goal me and Marjan to be in the top 10 in EU, well we came close. From 24th place to 12th. Before he left in 2014. Well we all knew that one day he´ll quit or rather i knew. Before he left he said something "you´re the next guildmaster" he said on skype, well at that point i already uninstalled the game. So he needed to do a quick solution. Zalisa aka Ina. Became guild leader and after several months i came back to the game, started to buzz her about what Marjan said, but she didn´t listen and i understand/respected that. We also became close friends but her even closer friend "Martin" quit the game and Ina became more and more inactive because she had homework and needed to study hard, so she gave it to me and for some aparent reason i quit the game again, well she got the guildmaster roll back. Ofcource i came back in the end......

well at this time she still were really inactive and the guild had droped alot of members and i were sad about that... so i wanted to do something about it. Undertaker aka Pera got down promoted to faithful when he were offline and Ina gave the lead to Talha and he asked me and Ferdi (CucumberInComing) "should i promote Pera again?" we told him to reconsider everything he had done ( and it wasn't many things) so Pera became officer again Smile Talha, tried to make +14 on his staff and failed so he quit the game aswell and gave the account to me, so that´s the history.... (I know i missed alot of things)

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