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IceCrystal - Deathsoul Whatever :D

Post by IceCrystal on Thu Jul 16, 2015 7:08 pm

Heeeellooow AfterDark :3,

my name is Lena Aylin (call me Lena / or / Aylin what you like better Very Happy) Yes, I'm a Girl, 21 years old and I live near Cologne in Germany

My parents comes from Turkey, thats is why I have 2 names. but I was born in Germany and grew up here Very Happy

I do not have big goals in the game .. just have fun and get lvl 60+ xD
my opinion is always different and thats why i got over 10 chars. i just cant decide.. i cant find my Ideal character xD

i like pvp .. but i cant do it Sad my Internet and my PC is awesome .. just my skills are not good enough :/
I'd love to hear your advice who is the best pvp char. and one of the easiest of course xP
Uuuh, Maybe i can get my Own Trainer in PvP who teachs me hahaha :DD

I love to help in everything I can! you need me just ask Very Happy

if you just want more Informations or something else, just ask :3


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