Hey every1 Zubae here

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Hey every1 Zubae here

Post by Zubae on Thu Jul 02, 2015 4:30 am

Hello all,
My name is Zubae. I'm from India. I'm not native to this sever. I played extensively in US server and much in SEA. I was on and off at EU server. I would make a char at EU and play for few months do pvp n stuff. It was during those times i joined a guild called Epic. I met Ted and lot of awesome players there. I played for couple of months then got bored in this server and then i quit and even deleted my shadow. So after 3 years I return to this server (frankly i was hoping to join the Epic again much to my disappointment to find its was no more) and I find Ted here co-incidentally. I was recruited by Undertaker to the guild and I saw ted's gunner Iseeu2 (was a ranger back then). I remember coz we both leveled up together.

I'm relatively new to the guild and don't share the same amount of memories or experience as much as you all do. Still i wanna give my best out there/

Glad to have found this guild as i have met so many people here!!
I would like to stay here grow close to each other as much as possible.



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