Hello - IcanAim/Eclips or anything :D

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Hello - IcanAim/Eclips or anything :D

Post by IcanEiima on Wed Aug 05, 2015 2:24 pm

Hello, my name is Eimantas. Since it's hard to remember i jsut say everyone to call me Eima because it is easyer to remember Very Happy.
About me: I am 18 years old, living in Lithuania which is my birth country. I believe 2011 was the year when I joined c9, played for 2 years then decided to take a brake, so left the game for about 8 months. Then I decided to play the game again because there was no other games which could replace this one. Right after I got back on playing I joined guild "Akatsuki" but they were a bunch of lazy people so i left. Then I joined "Afterdark" which was full of friendly people, so i decided to stay here.That's when i met Ted and all of you Smile
My goals in game:
1-I want to level up my characters so i can do all kinds of different activities with guild.
2-I give my all to support guild leader "Ted", a whole bunch of officers and most importantly newcoming people who need help the most.
3-My main goal is to be frendlyest guild mate and most active officer, so everyone would respect me and believe in me Smile
So that's about it, hope you get to know me a bit more now Smile Have fun and remember that I always have time for you guys Smile


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